Lyrical 4


Flowers appear in the cracks of rocks; light shines through clouds in wondrous formations; daffodils appear even on dull, dark windswept days.

Lyrical is the rhythm of air. It comes in the aftermath of chaos. If we truly let go in chaos of our physical resistance, our emotional baggage, our attachment to our thoughts we begin to lighten up and the rhythm of lyrical moves through our bodies. Lyrical movements are spacious, light and airy.

Lyrical is the rhythm where we learn the deep meaning of acceptance of the present moment and the profound joy that can come from that acceptance. We learn to make space for all that can happen in our lives without the need to control each experience. We learn the lessons of impermanence, where nothing stays the same for very long. We come to realise that the only thing we can rely on is change.

In the shadow side of lyrical, we run the risk of getting caught up in our fantasy or daydream or need to escape that we disconnect from our bodies and become spaced out.