Chaos 6


Waves break as they come to the shore; waterfalls are created when water lets go down small and large cracks in the earth; leaves fall from the trees in the autumn as a way to allow new growth to happen.

When the rhythms of flowing and staccato collide they create the rhythm of chaos. Chaos embodies a deep sense of relaxation. We cannot ‘do’ chaos or use effort in chaos.

Chaos is about  letting go and emptying out, releasing whatever it is that holds us back from being  free spirits.

Chaos supports us to let go of people when they die, of relationships when they fall apart, of emotions when they threaten to destroy us, of thoughts when they sabotage us, and of memories when they hold us back.

In chaos we learn how to get beneath our logical, rational mind into our deep intuitive mind. It allows us to dance our own dance without being concerned with what others think of us. It is the gateway to real freedom.

The shadow side of chaos is confusion and at its worst, destruction.